Sunday, December 11, 2011

Odds and Ends

I borrowed Scott's bike rack in April. Cami and I used it in our trip down to St. George. For months the bike rack was used in our front room to help create a barrier between our Cedar chest and our box of shoes. It was a momentous occasion when I finally returned the bike rack to it's rightful owner and took this picture. I sent this picture to literally thousands...if not hundreds of people to celebrate the return of the bike rack. I apologize if you were not one of the "hundreds" that received this picture which represents the completion of the lender-borrower contract. 
Bryce, Monte, and I were able to go fishing a few times this fall. I'm hoping to find a few weeks this winter to go freeze out on the Provo River with Bryce. I finally caught my first fish. I didn't have my phone with me at the time so I couldn't take a picture, but what's the fun in a fish story if there is a picture... The picture below is of Bryce holding a 14" rainbow trout that he caught about 1/2 hour after I caught a 12" brown trout. We took this picture because #1 I had my phone with me, and #2 we don't see too many rainbow in the Provo; mostly brown. It was good to catch my first fish using a fly rod and reel.
A few days after I caught my fish I was able to go to the Radio from Hell show with my cousin, Aaron. The X96 program wanted to hear of my fishing expedition. Okay, not really... I went up with Aaron because he is a BFOP (Best Friend Of the Program). It was cool to see how they interact during their show and how everything works. Thanks for the once-in-a-lifetime experience, Aaron.

Last Saturday Bryce and Kristy Russell invited us to a dinner to help Camp Kesem raise funds for their summer-time activities. This event was held at the Wilkinson Center on BYU campus. After we ate, and enjoyed the silent auction we went downstairs to the BYU bowling alley. Bowling hasn't been the same since my mission. I just can't get the spin figured out anymore. I spin the ball way too much and ends up in the left-side gutter most of the night. Here are our scores for one of our games. After a few frames I stopped trying to get strikes, but tried only to get 5s and 7s. It makes for a much more interesting night.

Adobe Christmas Party

Cami and I celebrated being single last Friday at the Orem Adobe Christmas Party. Mr. T, Doc Brown, Marty McFly, Flashback Heart Attack, and probably break dancers from the 80s showed up in and celebrated Adobe style at our company Christmas party. Doc Brown and Marty McFly weren't really there the help celebrate,  but you can imagine if they were...Mr. T loved my double-collar look. I'd like to thank Cami for going to DI and getting some sweet pants, a sick belt, and two collared shirts that made me look so awesome.

Someone did bring the Dolerean time machine.Good thing I was only just a child 80s because I wouldn't have fit in them. Cars in the 80s didn't fit tall freaks like me.
Cami was telling me when she was getting ready for our big party she wishes she could dress like this everyday. What you can't see in this great picture is her leg warmers and stirrup pants. Typically when Cami and I are just lounging around at home and we know we're not going anyway we pull out the stirrup pants and leg warmers... and the snuggie.

I typically stick to wearing one polo. Sometimes when I feel like I didn't get a hard enough workout at the gym I wear two shirts like this at home to sweat more, or when I'm going to an 80s-themed Adobe Christmas party.

Thanks Adobe for the good times at the Orem office Christmas Party.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Strawberry Vomit

Last month Cami talked me into visiting the dentist. I have to admit it had been a while since the last visit so I have some interesting things to note before, during, and after my visits (yes visits) to the dentist.

After my initial visit they scheduled two additional visits. During the exam they found three small cavities, and did a gum test.  The dentist office is in the same parking lot as Dickey's BBQ so as I left the dentist office I saw a red truck parked on the drive-thru with the front end in the building. I've heard from others that Dickie's is good, and others say Dickie's is terrible. This person appeared they wanted their food bad.

The red truck in the background didn't want to wait in line at the drive-thru.

A day after the accident.

Strawberry Vomit
After my visit of fixing cavities, numbing half my face on two consecutive days, polishing my teeth with tasty strawberry-flavored the dental assistant prescribed me some medicine to help clean my gums and bacteria from the work they did in my mouth.

One would think if the dentist can have strawberry and bubble-gum-flavored junk in their office to help with the health of one's teeth they could prescribe mouthwash medicine outside their office that tasted better than vomit.

I promise to take care of my teeth better now so I don't have to have the nasty strawberry vomit mouthwash prescribed again.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Letter to Scott


This is your cousin, Paul. I wish I was as good as John in writing letters on a consistent basis, but I'm not, so you have to just live with a message every now and then. Cami and I visited your family in She-attle. We had a great time. We saw Pike's Place, the wall of gum, the Mariners beat the Rangers (Rangers are now going to the World Series), and we were able to make it to that one guy's mission farewell. I told him since he visited my parents that I was up there to hear him speak in church.

Cami and I have a good chance in adopting twins by the end of the year...I have learned of a thing called the, "nesting stage". This is not a good thing, but apparently every women goes through it. I have had an increase of chores around the house. Chores that Cami and I have been putting off ever since we moved here 3 years ago. It's just terrible. We actually cleaned the window tracks. How does that help the babies? I don't know but it's a necessary evil, apparently.

Lacrosse team is doing well. The JV players from last year are stepping up their games...It appears they did do some work over the summer, and are continuing their off-practice work this fall. We played 6 games this fall, and I have seen great improvement in those 6 games. We've only held practice 1x week this fall, but the players that have been around are starting to get what we're talking about. We're trying to put together a recognition program for this blackout period so the players will still work on the wall. We have 26 freshman signed up this fall and more will sign up in the spring. AF Lacrosse is moving in the right direction. Thanks again for your efforts.

Cami says, "Hey Dude". Cami says he misses you as our "faux child" and wishes you could still be around watching our TV late at night while Cami and I fall asleep trying to stay up and hang out with you.
Time to go to work. TTYL
Paul and Cami

Seattle - Pronounced She-at-tle

Cami and I visited Seattle this past September during our yearly September get-a-way.

Our main reason for traveling to Washington was to see my cousins and our new friend Hayley. We found her with her daughter at the Mariners/Rangers game. Thanks to Uncle Nils and I for planning the weather on that Friday night: we called for normal Seattle weather, overcast with a chance of rain. The weather was great. The company was great; and, we saw the Mariners win!

 Earlier on Friday we visited downtown Seattle. We drove to Bellevue and saw the temple; the church where Uncle Nils took naps under his desk; held our breath the entire drive through the tunnel on Mercer Island; saw the Space Needle on a drive-by; and walked around Pike's Market. We got to sit on the the brass pig at Pike's Market. Pike's Pig is still accepting donations...
Paul and Cami sitting on Pike's Pig. This is the corner of the market where workers throw fish back and forth.
 We were amazed at the sight of the bouquets of flowers. These gigantic bouquets were going for $5-$10 each.
 Just below Pike's Place is the land of Gum. One day when we have a chance to go back we'll have to do a tour of the Underground Seattle. Can you believe Cami bet me $100 to lick the wall? And I did!

My cousin prayed that it would rain on Saturday so she could go to her friends birthday party. She got her wish. So we spent that Saturday jamming to Rock Band, playing dance games on the Wii, and watching the BYU/Utah game. (The BYU/Utah score was not too fun). Kenny decided to wear a red shirt underneath his hoodie, and reveal his red shirt to his mother about halfway through the game. But I guess we wore out Kenny too much during our jam-out session earlier that day, because he took familiar sleeping position while watching the BYU game. He never was able to make his mom mad by wearing red that day!

We had a great time keeping up my cousins late at night; visiting downtown Seattle, and meeting Hayley.

Thanks for the memories.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Labor Day is not a day of rest

Cami and I had a goal to ride the Alpine Loop by the end of the summer on our pretty bicycles. Of course Cami hasn't touched her road bike since labor day (due to busy schedules, and the lack of sunlight at 6 am in the morning), but I can't say that I've had much time since then to put some good miles on my bike as well.

Cami and I have had so much fun riding our bikes this summer. Our first big bike trip was down to St. George earlier this spring, and it seems like we've been everywhere a few times in north Utah County, even Eagle Mountain: A shout-out to John and Cosette and kids.

There was some awesome views along our path (see map of our Alpine Loop Trip) but we didn't have time to take them because we didn't want to lose momentum.

Actually, those that know me well wouldn't allow me to post something to my blog without a picture. So here are a few.

This is where we pulled the bikes out of the truck and took a picture at the summit.
 I know that's what some of you are thinking. But I have to give props to Cami who was probably not as prepared as we should have been to do this ride. Cami is tougher than she thinks, though. Nice work, Cami.
Go AF Lacrosse
The backside of Mt.Timpanogos.
We hurried and jumped off our bikes and hiked to the saddle of Mt. Timpanogos. But I forgot to take pictures of us at the top. Whoops.

The day couldn't have been better. We left at 7 am, and returned home about 4 hours later. It was thankfully a bit overcast, because the heat probably would have made it much more difficult with us being inexperienced bikers. But we did it, and lived to tell the story!

My First and Last

I recommend those thinking of doing a yard-sale to re-think immediately!

Let me show you why-

I want to thank all that provided their money donations, their yard-sale donations, and their time. We cannot thank you enough. Good things will happen from this. Stay tuned.

Steel Day Parade

Have I ever shared with any of you that I "Love" parades. I love them so much I decided to be in the July Steel Day Parade.

I have to admit that if you were to go to a parade it's better to be in the parade than to watch the parade! We were able to throw Otter-pops at little kids. Too bad we didn't have enough to give ever kid an otter-pop. But then again, what's the fun in a parade if everyone get's one of everything.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

You're a Tall Family

While growing up, people would always ask my father how the Hutton kids got so tall? His answer was "because they ate their vegetables?"

The 4th of July weekend was a blast! My sisters Becca, and Sarah; Sarah's husband Craig and son Chris; Cami, and I trekked to Northern California for 4th of July Weekend.

We visited places like Yosemite National Park where we saw Lord Stanley's Cup. We had a spanish language lesson from Sarah in the Mexican Restaurant just outside Yosemite. She tried to pronounce the name of the restaurant multiple times with the assistance of the server. This experience was like the movie, Blue Streak, when Martin Lawrence said in spanish, "I have a cat in my pants". Sarah was just being Sarah.

We spent the 4th of July in Livingston CA, with Grandma Yagi, and the CA Hutton's: Duane, Deanna, Trevor, Spencer, Aimee; and, others. We received a tour of the Yagi Farm. We learned about sweet pototoes, almonds, and peaches.

We spent time in the Sequoia trees of Big Tree. I think we were about the same height as some of these Sequoias. My brother-in-law is 6'6", I'm 6'4", Cami is 5'8", my sister's are 6'3" and 5'6", and my little nephew shown below is a giant.

Visting Nana was fun too. We were able to share our stories of our recent lives; share pictures of dad being silly, and laugh, eat, and play.

The first night after arriving in Stockton, CA we ate at Olive Garden. We had great laughs through dinner. But as we were filing out of the restaurant a server said to us, "You're a tall family". I quickly responded, "Thank You!" like I'd heard it before.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stinking Water Bill!

I hate coming home after work and seeing a pink slip attached to the front door! My pink slip was from the city water department but gave me no additional information except a name. I don't remember this person's name, so I will call him Billy. I immediately called the water department hoping they were not closed and asked for Billy. Billy wasn't there; however, I knew I needed an answer then or I would just forget about my little pink slip.

You've probably had these types of conversations where you're just frustrated and talking to the receptionist and getting angry at her because... you just want to be frustrated! There is no legitimate reason for you to get angry but you're angry at her even though you know you're just frustrated with this situation.

The receptionist mentioned through my short conversation that sometimes Billy hangs pink slips on doors because there is a water leak and the water meter reading is abnormally high. I hung up the phone regretfully not apologizing for my poor attitude and immediately started looking and thinking of where I had a water leak.

This hasn't been the first time Cami and I have had water issues in our short tenure of homeowners in this house. I peaked in the crawl space looking for water issues, and then I realized I heard water running in the water heater closet. I called my cousin who helped me install my water heater. He came over that night to find the leak and advise what I should do.

I knew that his wife was pregnant, but I had no idea that his wife was due the following day and scheduled for labor. My cousin and I found the leak and talked about when we would try to get back together some time later after the little baby was born and his wife would be doing just fine. Little did we know that they'd run into complications and the little baby was hospitalized for months.

Conversations between my cousin and I about my water leak naturally stopped as he was busy caring for his family. 4 months passed by with Cami and I buying lots of bottled water, turning the main water on and off in our crawl space, in an effort to not have a crazy water bill like the first month after we realized the water leak.

Finally in June, I found a Saturday where my dad and I could get together and see if we could make a mess. We installed this white tank (picture above) on the main water line going into the water heater. This tank helps regulate the high water pressure and I recommend installing it before you have to go through 4 months of fun. Cami and I have a greater appreciation now for being able to turn on the faucet; having running water without having to run down the stairs, climb into the crawl space, and manually turn the water on and off (and try to remember to turn it off before leaving for work).

Stupid Water Bill!

(I'm pointing to the check valve that was leaking for 4 months)
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Freedom Cows

I looked at these cows and they looked back at me. I couldn't tell if they were looking at me because I was wearing my bike gear or if they were looking at me because I was simply looking at them and they are a curious animal by nature...

It had been over three weeks since I played in the Timpanogos HS Alumni game and sprained my MCL. One of my teammates decided to push one of the opposing players into my knee. I could tell it was sprained immediately from my vast experience in spraining and breaking other parts of my body. This was first time I sprained my MCL.

Cami and I planned to go to Arches National Park early in June, but we had to postpone this trip because my knee was not ready. We've tentatively re-scheduled for some time this fall after it's cooled down a bit. Moab is such a hot place we want to make sure we enjoy hiking there.

I've tried swimming again but my strength is not strong enough in the knee to do real swimming (just pretend swimming). I hobbled around in Cash Valley on one good knee during Cami's Red Riding Hood bike ride.

Finally my knee felt good enough to ride my bike in mid-June. My plan was to ride to squaw peak from my house. A fine feat for a beginner biker especially after almost a month of not riding. I made my way through Pleasant Grove, Lindon, Orem and Provo Canyon. I missed my road to turn off from the Provo River Park Trail. So I kept going on the trail. As I approached the South Fork Park I was passed by 5 real road bikers all dressed in the same gear. I couldn't help but admire how fast and smooth they were on their bikes. Someday I thought, someday.... I saw them head up South Fork Canyon so I decided to follow.

My knee was starting to ache and it was dictating how far I traveled that fine Saturday morning. But because I made it this far I knew my knee could handle the wear and tear, even though it's still sore. I was free again from the pains of my knee, at least to ride my bike again and visit cows in South Fork. I take a deep breath of clean mountain air and think, "Freedom".
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Strawberries n' Creme

Here is a cute picture of Paul and I as we are waiting for the Rodeo to start. There were some really fun things to watch. We were able to watch the little jammers do mutton busting. You have to be a hard core cowboy if you are going to put your little kid on a sheep and let them get bucked off. I would have a difficult time letting my kid go through that punishment.

We met Brittani, Kenny, Bryce, Kristy, and the Glauser family at the rodeo and had a great time just spending time with them laughing and watching all of the different events.

Bryce is really good at making us all laugh. He can't ever keep a straight face for the camera.
One of the really funny events is to watch was the "cash cow." I had never seen this before and didn't know where the term came from, but now I know. :) They sent all of the kids out to chase two cows with cash taped to them. It was really funny to watch.

After the cash cow and mutton riding events are over the "big" events started. I haven't been to a rodeo for years and forgot how amazing these guys riding these bucking broncos are!!
Brittani and I did feel bad when the cowboys would tie up the calves and the little cows would just sit there. Paul rolled his eyes and would tell us that they were just fine.

About once I year I crave strawberries n' creme. Luckily there is a rodeo nearby our house where they serve strawberries n' creme.
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Lagoon Day 2011

June 11, 2011 was the annual Russell Family-Visit-Lagoon Day. As always we had I blast, but every year I have to choose my roller coasters carefully.

Cami and I met up with Bryce (Cami's brother) and Kristy (Bryce's wife) at our house and drove up together. Upon entering the park we jumped in line for the "white roller coaster". The white roller coaster is the older ride still around at Lagoon. Every year I've ever been to Lagoon I ride this coaster first. Since this ride is so old it doesn't have the fear factor or whirl and twirl compared to newer rides at Lagoon such as: Spider, Mouse, Wicked, and the Rocket. Bryce, Kristy, Cami and I sat near the back of the coaster train and as we began ascending to the top of the first peak I started screaming. I had more than half the coaster train looking back at me. Throughout the ride I continued to scream random funny things. I wish I could remember now what I said.

After the ride was over I had that feeling it could be a very long day or short day depending on the next few rides I choose to stomach.

We rode the Colossus Firedragon and Wicked within 45 minutes of entering the park, but I knew I was done until after lunch. We met up with the rest of the Russell family and they rode on the "Turn of the Century" swing ride. I found out from the two kid rides I rode last year spinning in circles is no bueno. I don't think I'll ever be able to do the carousel again!

As you can see from the picture above we sat down for hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch. Bryce had finished his lunch before I sat down with my plate of food, so Bryce being bored, challenged me to put my chocolate chip cookie and potato salad in my double patty hamburger. The chocolate chips even melted a little to add a third dimension to my sandwich.

After lunch I had the stomach for just a few more rides; not because of the sandwich though. The entire family met over at the Sky Coaster: a bungee jump ride where Cami and I were strapped into harnesses, raised 145 feet, where I pulled the ripcord and plunged downward reaching 80 mph.

After this ride I felt I could do 2 more rides: Blast Off and Re-Entry. However the lines were too long because they were not working properly. After Cami and Bryce went on one more ride we left the park for our traditional visit to IHOP in Centerville.

I look back now and I can't ever think of a time where I only did 4 rides at an amusement park. There were years where I did each ride 2 or 3 times on a Saturday. A few years ago I found out my reason for my incapacity to do more than what I did a few Saturdays ago: too many concussions!

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Adoption Walk

In May FSA (Families Supporting Adoption) put on an Adoption Walk. This was to celebrate all of the birth mothers that have placed their babies with adoptive couples.

The day in May that the walk is held on is birth mothers day. Paul's parents came out to support us and it was a great time that we could show our support for all of the wonderful birthparents out there and for their sacrifices.

The fire department came for the little kids and showed off their fire trucks. They blew their horns and the kids got to sit in the truck. It was cute.

Everyone who was there to participate received a balloon and walked around the track at Provo high school.

After we walked around the track everyone who was there participating met in the middle and we let our balloons go to represent our unity as adoptive couples and birthparents. It was neat!

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Little Red Riding Hood

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So at the beginning of June I was able to do a woman's bike ride called Little Red Riding Hood. I was really excited to experience a woman's ride. The ride was held in Cache County Utah close to Logan, UT. There were different options for lengths that I could ride and I was able to do 80 miles!!! That is to date the longest bike ride that I have done.

The ride had stops where there were treats and a staff to help out with any accomadations that would be needed. It was really awesome and Paul was the best supporter of all. He came to all of the stops that I asked him to. It was awesome to have him there rooting me on.

Having a road bike has been an awesome experience this summer! Paul and I have been able to spend more time time together and it is something that we can do together to be healthy. It has been so much fun and I am looking forward to doing more rides!!