Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stinking Water Bill!

I hate coming home after work and seeing a pink slip attached to the front door! My pink slip was from the city water department but gave me no additional information except a name. I don't remember this person's name, so I will call him Billy. I immediately called the water department hoping they were not closed and asked for Billy. Billy wasn't there; however, I knew I needed an answer then or I would just forget about my little pink slip.

You've probably had these types of conversations where you're just frustrated and talking to the receptionist and getting angry at her because... you just want to be frustrated! There is no legitimate reason for you to get angry but you're angry at her even though you know you're just frustrated with this situation.

The receptionist mentioned through my short conversation that sometimes Billy hangs pink slips on doors because there is a water leak and the water meter reading is abnormally high. I hung up the phone regretfully not apologizing for my poor attitude and immediately started looking and thinking of where I had a water leak.

This hasn't been the first time Cami and I have had water issues in our short tenure of homeowners in this house. I peaked in the crawl space looking for water issues, and then I realized I heard water running in the water heater closet. I called my cousin who helped me install my water heater. He came over that night to find the leak and advise what I should do.

I knew that his wife was pregnant, but I had no idea that his wife was due the following day and scheduled for labor. My cousin and I found the leak and talked about when we would try to get back together some time later after the little baby was born and his wife would be doing just fine. Little did we know that they'd run into complications and the little baby was hospitalized for months.

Conversations between my cousin and I about my water leak naturally stopped as he was busy caring for his family. 4 months passed by with Cami and I buying lots of bottled water, turning the main water on and off in our crawl space, in an effort to not have a crazy water bill like the first month after we realized the water leak.

Finally in June, I found a Saturday where my dad and I could get together and see if we could make a mess. We installed this white tank (picture above) on the main water line going into the water heater. This tank helps regulate the high water pressure and I recommend installing it before you have to go through 4 months of fun. Cami and I have a greater appreciation now for being able to turn on the faucet; having running water without having to run down the stairs, climb into the crawl space, and manually turn the water on and off (and try to remember to turn it off before leaving for work).

Stupid Water Bill!

(I'm pointing to the check valve that was leaking for 4 months)
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Gary Hutton said...

Congratulations on being a home owner. Remember it is not a chore, it is an adventure. Please remind me of this from time to time.