Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Sword of Laban

The Sword of Laban has been found. It is located in a glass case in the basement of the BYU bookstore. It can be purchased for $250. Here is your evidence...


Happy Freakin' Birthday Paul.

This is Paul showing off what he got for his birthday gifts. Thank you all for the wonderful gifts.

Paul was fortunate enough to have a birthday and also receive:

  • A Mr. Potato Head masseur
  • Two combs: including a hair clipper set
  • A automatic card shuffler (Paul doesn't know how to shuffle cards well, so this will help when he plays Boolund Canasta)
  • A bucket of Nutella: included with this bucket is a gift card to Seagull Book
  • A book: Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith
  • The Movie: Dan in Real Life; Cami didn't think the book was enough so she got this movie too.
  • A text from Sarah, which in return Paul called her to find out she forgot it was Paul's borned-day

Paul's only wish was a 6th string for his guitar. Cami refused to get this for him. Hopefully, Paul will get his wish from Santa this year, instead of the lump of coal he received last year.