Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Sword of Laban

The Sword of Laban has been found. It is located in a glass case in the basement of the BYU bookstore. It can be purchased for $250. Here is your evidence...


Happy Freakin' Birthday Paul.

This is Paul showing off what he got for his birthday gifts. Thank you all for the wonderful gifts.

Paul was fortunate enough to have a birthday and also receive:

  • A Mr. Potato Head masseur
  • Two combs: including a hair clipper set
  • A automatic card shuffler (Paul doesn't know how to shuffle cards well, so this will help when he plays Boolund Canasta)
  • A bucket of Nutella: included with this bucket is a gift card to Seagull Book
  • A book: Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith
  • The Movie: Dan in Real Life; Cami didn't think the book was enough so she got this movie too.
  • A text from Sarah, which in return Paul called her to find out she forgot it was Paul's borned-day

Paul's only wish was a 6th string for his guitar. Cami refused to get this for him. Hopefully, Paul will get his wish from Santa this year, instead of the lump of coal he received last year.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mr. "Old Man" Beardy

Harley paid a visit to the hair salon and they gave him a poodle cut.

We can't blame it all on the hair people because we didn't tell them exactly what we wanted but it was surprising to see an older dog come out of the hair salon.

His new nickname is Mr. "Old Man" Beardy!



Cami's Anniversary

Cami and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on November 7, 2008. The Utah Jazz decided to celebrate it too, by having a game vs. the Oklahoma Thunder. It was Jerry Sloan's 1,000th victory with one team that Friday. Thanks Jazz for celebrating our marriage by this momentous occasion.

We also went to the Body Worlds Museum. We found out we couldn't take pictures inside the museum, so this is what you get...

Thanks Jazz and Body Worlds for making our day great!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, Everyone! We just wanted to show off our costumes. Well, let me clarify that: Cami wanted to show off her costume.

This is Cami and her friend Vicky.
Cami didn't win the costume contest held at her work. Oh well! She was able to dress up like she's always wanted to but never could because this a 2008 fashion "no no"
And this is me. I'm a pumpkin. (I didn't have the Halloween spirit at work on Friday.)
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Driving me Crazy

For the entire month of October, day and night we've had the joy of listening to this wonderful Halloween music. Here is a sample for you all to listen to.

Our house is situated in a townhome development, but the backyard of our house touches a semi-busy road. Across the street, nonetheless, is this outside Halloween decoration that plays music. The owners never turned it off.

As I sit here in my office, typing away on this wonderful blog, I can hear cars passing by. Last month, I also could hear the sounds of the wonderful Halloween decoration. Now that I haven't heard it for two days, I kind of miss it.

I wish I had Dorothy's red sparkly shoes, so I could tap them together and go back home. We moved in at the end of September, so the majority of the time we've lived here we have heard the sounds of this melodious decoration. It was home! We don't know anything different.

Does anybody know how to get that awful twitch out of your neck???

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Road Trip

Jeremy Bylund and I drove across the country in 28 hours in August. Here are some pictures along the way. We left Wednesday, August 13 @ 1 pm from Salt Lake City. We arrived in Charlottesville, VA Friday around 2 pm EST. Saturday morning we drove up to DC and hung out with Jeremy's friend in the nation's capital.

After driving almost 12 straight hours through the beautiful states of Wyoming and Nebraska we stayed with our friends, the Johnson's. David and Brandi adopted a new little jammer, Henry, not too long ago. Thanks to David and Brandi we had a good nights rest and delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast. This is Jeremy Bylund. Doesn't he look happy at the overlook to the Shenandoah Valley?
Just in case you wanted to know, I'm pointing at the Shenandoah Valley where many battles where fought during the Civil War.
I told Jeremy if I was going to help him move across the country we had to go to a MLB game. Granted, it was the Nationals. But their ballpark was nice! Mark me down for my 3rd MLB game and my 3rd MLB ballpark. The other two were St. Louis and Kansas City.
When we were in DC we stayed with Jeremy's friends. We didn't get to see much of DC because we didn't have much time, but we quickly walked through the Air and Space Museum. We got around using the Metro, which was pretty fun, considering we had a guide, in Jeremy's friend, to help us get around.

Somehow with all the traveling and moving we did, Jeremy and I still saw Michael Phelps win a few gold medals. Thursday night we stayed in Morehead, KY (an hour east of Lexington KY) with Jeremy's Uncle and Aunt. There we watched Michael Phelps extraordinarily win a race.

September means St. George

I know that these pictures are going out of order, because we moved into our new place after we spent a few days down in Saint George, UT. But, hey, it's my blog and I'll do what I want.

This picture is my ill-attempt to take a picture of the both of us at the same time. If we had a slide show I could show you all the bloopers in attempting this picture. Apparently I don't know how to point the camera straight forward.

We are sitting in the audience of the Les Miserable play at Tuacahn.You've got to remember where you parked or it's going to be a long night after the show.
We actually remembered and Cami showed her affection to the sign.

Our House

We wanted to start this blog by showing off our new house. We purchased a townhome in Sept. of 2008. In addition to buying the house we were able to bring Harley home, too.

This is our family room where we play catch, and tackle football.

This is our kitchen where Harley stares at us while we're making food.
This is the master bedroom. Harley is still learning to only get on the bed when we tell him he can.
This is our office. Hidden in this picture is our computer which helps me create this wonderful blog.
This is our second bedroom. Whenever we get a kid, we'll let 'em shack up in this room. Until then, we'll make it our indoor workshop (indoor workshop sounds better than a "craft room")
This is our way to keep Harley upstairs when we're upstairs. He tends to wander off so we like to keep him in "doggie prision".

For all you dog lovers out there, it's not really a dog prison. (It's a gate at the top of the stairs.)