Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Strawberry Vomit

Last month Cami talked me into visiting the dentist. I have to admit it had been a while since the last visit so I have some interesting things to note before, during, and after my visits (yes visits) to the dentist.

After my initial visit they scheduled two additional visits. During the exam they found three small cavities, and did a gum test.  The dentist office is in the same parking lot as Dickey's BBQ so as I left the dentist office I saw a red truck parked on the drive-thru with the front end in the building. I've heard from others that Dickie's is good, and others say Dickie's is terrible. This person appeared they wanted their food bad.

The red truck in the background didn't want to wait in line at the drive-thru.

A day after the accident.

Strawberry Vomit
After my visit of fixing cavities, numbing half my face on two consecutive days, polishing my teeth with tasty strawberry-flavored the dental assistant prescribed me some medicine to help clean my gums and bacteria from the work they did in my mouth.

One would think if the dentist can have strawberry and bubble-gum-flavored junk in their office to help with the health of one's teeth they could prescribe mouthwash medicine outside their office that tasted better than vomit.

I promise to take care of my teeth better now so I don't have to have the nasty strawberry vomit mouthwash prescribed again.