Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!! We had such a great holiday! I hope you all did too! There is sooo much to go over. With both families in town we are blessed to spend time with both families :) So here goes!

Here is Harley sitting in front of the tree on Christmas morning. Santa treated us right!

On Christmas Eve we spend the evening with my family. This year Brittani was having some really bad stomach pains and we ended up in the ER. The doctors weren't sure exactly what was wrong, but they sent her home with some meds and she was really sleepy. So we had some really funny and fun times as a family.

Christmas morning at the Russell's. Paul making breakfast and showing off his belt buckle!!

I got a sewing machine!! Hooray!!!!


Paul is in love with the tool set that he received!!!

I made this quilt for my parents! Everyone who sees this should be proud (it is my first one!)

After the morning's events we went up to Soldier Hollow for some sledding!!!

Sisters getting ready to go down the hill!

Paul calls this cheater sledding because we didn't have to walk up the hill, we just had to hook up to a tow rope and then slide down! AWESOME!!!

Onto the Hutton's for round two of Christmas :) Paul and cute little Christopher staying warm!

Showing off the gift that Paul and I gave to Momma Hutton!

Paul loves Parcheesi!

Cute little Jori showing off the pillow that Grandma Hutton made for her!

Cameron is obsessed with LEGOs at the moment, he was really excited to get some more.

We played games on Christmas Night with the Hutton family and Paul got to be "Made Up" as part of one of the games. Isn't he cute?

Finally Posting Again!!!

Yes it is true! I am going to post something after 5 months! I finally had my last day of work and wanted to share a few of the pictures of the friends that I spent the last few years spending the work week with. I had no idea what an emotional day it would be to leave this company, but it definitely was. I am on to a new adventure. I took the holidays off and I am going to be looking for something new after the New Years Holiday!

This is Lexi we would run errands together and talk about workingout and all of that fun stuff!

This is Chelsea. We sat next to each other and would chat all day. I really miss her. She is such a cutie and loved hanging out with Chels.

From left to right, Robin, Me, DeAnn and Kyle. These are the Admin and they were really great to work with and made sure we got the severance and kept things sane the last few months.

I don't know where I am headed next, but a new adventure surely awaits :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July: Night of Glorious Fireworks

The Plan: Watch the Thankgiving Point Fireworks.

We found a road out in the middle of Lehi close to the Jordan River, out in the mosquito infested alfalfa fields. We put plenty of bug spray on and watched Jorie and Cameron do sparklers while waiting for the big show.

Once the show actually started, this is how we ended up. Cosette, John, and mom watched as Jorie slept in John's lap. Paul tried to stay away from the mosquitoes and take a little nap.
Dad and Cameron played Uno in the car.

And Cami...she watched with her eyelids closed from inside the truck to stay away from the mosquitoes and the cold July wind.

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John, Jessie and family: here are some pictures of our camping trip. Sorry they're not as active as I thought they'd be. But here is evidence that your dog is still alive.

Sitting around the campfire, each of us is holding a dog. Pictured we have Paul with Harley, Cami with Ashley, Brittani with Piper, and Kenny with Pixie.

We took Ashley and Harley on the hike to Stuart falls, but we didn't have them climb up the rock to where we took that last picture in this post.

After our hike we went home, and the dogs crashed. They tired us out, and I guess we tired them out.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rat Dog

Harley got groomed last week. It was a little sad. Paul and I always know that when he gets his summer shaving that he will look like a rat, but this time we just had to giggle. His nick name when he gets groomed is "Rat Dog."


The after is silly because he looks like he has a cowboy mustache and the groomer left the hair on the ears long. Harley always looks like a different dog when he gets groomed and my siblings don't want to walk him because they think he is so hideous. I still love him because he is my dog and I guess it is something similar to a mom because I always think he is cute.


There he is our super "Rat Dog."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Paul's Surgery

Okay, so Paul had to have his gallbladder removed on Monday. No one told us how adventurous this could be!

We arrived at the hospital at 8 am and of course I led us to the wrong Same Day Surgery location. No one told us that there were two and Paul of course was leading us in the right direction in the first place. Silly me, I thought I knew everything, but they can't do surgery without the patient.

When we paid our first installment (which we are now very poor by the way) they gave Paul the wrong wristband. They had given him a wristband for a lady named Karen. Good thing he didn't have her surgery because they were going to have him get an EKG. Who knows what they would have ended up doing (a bypass maybe)!!

Once we were finally settled in Paul got comfortable and things were going good. Things went well for the remainder of the time while we were at the hospital. He had a hard time coming out of the anesthesia and was sleepy, so we didn't leave the hospital until about 1:45pm or maybe 2pm. He did everything he was supposed to. He ate 2 Fig Newtons, a Grape Popsicle, and drank some water. He also did some walking. They gave me the instructions on how to take care of him and then sent us on our way.

We made it all of the way home without any issues until. . . I walked around to Paul's side of the car to help him out and he was holding up the bag that they gave him "just in case he needed it." Well I am here to tell you he more than needed it. All of the water and everything listed above came spewing out. We thought that this was going to be the end of it. We got him settled in. He couldn't quite make it up the stairs, so he settled in on the couch. I got him a pillow and his mom was nice enough to come over while I went and picked up a few things for him.

I came home got him some lunch and gave him the next round of meds. He didn't even keep it down for ten minutes. It came back up again! Poor guy. Pain was starting to set in and now he couldn't even keep the fluids in. It was pretty bad. The doctor's office had to call in some anti-nausea medicine for him, so that he could actually keep something down.

Thankfully today has been better and he is now on the up and up!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Spring

I know that it has been a LONG time since we have posted anything on our blog. I finally decided that I would take it over. Paul has taken a new job and is very busy. This was originally his project and I wasn't going to have anything to do with blogging, but I have surrendered and here I am blogging world.
Paul and I have been setting goals on a weekly basis and one of my new goals is to keep up our blog. I am not exactly sure what that means at this point, but I think it means I will be blogging about once a week. This means that I need to be taking a lot more pictures!!!
One thing that you can tell by the pic is that Harley (and Paul and I) is very excited that spring is finally starting to creep in. He loves the planter boxes in the backyard and will sit in the sun as long as it is nice outside.
Until next week. . .