Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July: Night of Glorious Fireworks

The Plan: Watch the Thankgiving Point Fireworks.

We found a road out in the middle of Lehi close to the Jordan River, out in the mosquito infested alfalfa fields. We put plenty of bug spray on and watched Jorie and Cameron do sparklers while waiting for the big show.

Once the show actually started, this is how we ended up. Cosette, John, and mom watched as Jorie slept in John's lap. Paul tried to stay away from the mosquitoes and take a little nap.
Dad and Cameron played Uno in the car.

And Cami...she watched with her eyelids closed from inside the truck to stay away from the mosquitoes and the cold July wind.

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ComedySportz Utah said...

That looks like a lot of fun. You guys are so silly. I also hate to get bit by those little buggers.

ComedySportz Utah said...

ComedySportz utah = Shayla

Gary Hutton said...

you wanna make Cameron happy, play UNO with him