Monday, July 2, 2012

Meeting with Judge McVey

It all started with the boys wanting to see the inside of a courtroom. We were hesitant at first because it took me 20 something years before I ever stepped in a courtroom. And no, I didn't step into a courtroom because I was in trouble with the law. I took a law class at BYU and one of the requirements was to visit the court office. The boys didn't think they should wait the 20 years it took me so Cami and I happily relinquished.  

June 18, 2012 at 11:15 am was the date and time that the court set for us to meet the judge. Crew asked that we dress him in flashy clothes since he couldn't do his hair like Ben. We invited a small group to join us at the courthouse. Our real big day was the Saturday following their court appearance where we would go to the temple and be sealed as a family for time and all eternity. The boys were nervous but we calmed them down. We let them scream out or make any noise they wanted while in Judge McVey's courtroom. Crew sat  on my lap and bounced up and down like he always does and made funny baby noises while our attorney, Paul MacArthur asked Cami, myself, and our caseworker Adrienne the standard questions to testify under oath. We had to testify that we felt we were fit to adopt and legally become the parents of these two awesome and good-looking boys. 

The only question that Judge McVey asked was if they were twins because he noticed Crew didn't have as much hair as Ben. Our attorney prepared us well and we passed the test because now Ben and Crew are legally our boys! 

Now our boys know what the inside of a courtroom looks like and we have the pictures to prove it.

 We didn't even have to ask the boys to smile. They were happy all on their own because they knew what was going on. 
It was great to have a few family members there sharing this experience with us.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kicking and Screaming

I know what a few of you are saying because I've said it to myself, "It's about time you post again." Well, I hope I'm back. I hope I've figured out my life with all the changes in the past few months. There have been quite a few.
The last time I posted the boys were not even born. What a ride Cami and I have been through these past few months. The boys were born; I left for Sales Conference 5 days later; Christmas break; the worst stomach flu in years; back to work; the craziest quarter for work; lacrosse season overlapping from Q1 to Q2; the wins and losses of the season; the funeral in California; the boys forcing us to buy a new car; the trip to California and meeting family from Nana's side; the business trip back to CA only hours from returning from CA; the end of season for lacrosse and the end of coaching for some time; the green car breaking and me starting to commute work on my bike; and now we're approaching Memorial Day and going to spend it with the Yerke's.

My only guess from Cami's perspective is that I was gone too much. I've learned that I don't want to be gone that much. I resigned from coaching after the season so I can spend more time with Cami and the boys. We purchased a bike trailer so we can go on bike rides and take the boys. Our first real adventure will be tomorrow on the bikes in Stansbury Park. We're looking forward to a day full of biking.

We're also looking forward the four straight weeks I have off starting the 3rd full week in June. We'll kick the week off by finalizing the adoption with the judge, and later that week we'll go to the temple to be sealed together as a family! Cami and I will cap the entire 4-week vacation with a cruise to Alaska. Only three more weeks to go...

The boys have grown so much. They've persuaded Cami and I to buy a new car. They've told us they don't like to drink just plain milk formula. They want soy. They like rice cereal, for whatever reason, I don't know why. That stuff stinks. They like to roll around in their beds and get their arms and legs caught in between the slats. They like to laugh; cry, poop, pee, eat, and sleep. They don't care for pacifiers but like their fingers, and sometimes their whole hand. The can't fall asleep without a blanket to cuddle, and they're letting us know little by little that we need to start baby-proofing our house.

Stay tuned for more pictures and stories from the Hutton home. This summer is going to be great as the boys start crawling, as the days get longer, as we get into our spandex and start riding!