Friday, December 31, 2010

Adoption Profile

Hey Everyone!

It's official! We have been approved by LDS Family Services to adopt. Our Profile has been added to the website: Our profile number is 25000554.

Paul and Cami

Sunday, December 5, 2010

BYU/Utah Football Game-The Aftermath

November 27, 2010.

Sarah, Craig, Christopher, Gary, and Raquel visited us to watch the BYU vs. Utah Football game. Shortly after the game was over Christopher woke up from his nap.

Christopher jumped on Paul's lap and started singing songs as it was part of his master plan to ruin the rest of Paul's afternoon. Paul had mentioned to me that Christopher was giving him the "bug-eye" which Paul mistakenly took as a sleepy look before Christopher took his nap.

Paul thought it was all fun and games with Christopher on his lap singing songs, and then suddenly Paul said to the rest of the group, "He feels really warm on his backside!" Paul looked down on his lap and saw a big wet spot. Christopher did the most unimaginable thing- He peed on his favorite uncle.

We all a good laugh at Paul's expense especially because the BYU vs. Utah game didn't turn out as it should have.

Thanks Christopher for the laughs!

- Harley

Adobe Halloween

This year I was able to participate in Adobe's Halloween celebration. This is a really big deal here in the Utah office. Each department takes more than a week decorating their designated area. We get more than $1000.00 per area to decorate and most everyone dresses up. For the 28th and 29th there was no work done. We just decorated and participated in activities put on by the company.

My area was decorated like Shrek's forest. It was really neat. I rented my costume from the Hale Center theater. I was the Narcotic Sleeping Beauty. It was such a blast. We were able to have some of our family members come through. There were a few thousand people that came through.

This is Farquad torturing the Gingerbread Man.

These are my gal pals Kathy and Kelly

A picture of me, Kathy, Kirsten, Jessica, and Kelly in the front.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Adoption Process

Family and Friends,

Cami and Paul are getting closer. Thanks to Angel and the wonderful pictures she took we have completed our profile and submitted it to LDS Family Services for them to process the paperwork and complete the report.

Paul and Cami have just a few more steps with our case worker, Adrienne, before our profile can be posted on At that time we'll let you know our profile number and also post it on our blog for all to see.

Thanks to all for your support!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Paul's Sesamoidectomy

Paul had surgery on not one but two of his feet in August. (I guess that makes way for more than two feet).

I always forget how difficult it is coming out of surgery. I told Cami she could just pick me up at the hospital after surgery was over. She decided to take two days off for my surgery (Women's intuition).

Thanks to Cami for taking two days off I could go to the bathroom and eat food since I was stuck on the couch with two swollen feet. We used the train method for me to get to the bathroom since I wasn't good at just balancing all my weight on the heels of my feet.

Here is a picture of the bones of the foot. I'm pointing to the tibial sesamoid bone that was removed from each of my feet.
Here is a picture of my foot about 1 week after the surgery.

Boston Baby!

Cami and I traveled to Boston Sept 2010. Places and things we did: Boston Red Sox game, Cape Cod and the Atlantic Ocean, the Freedom trail, and Joseph Smith's birth place in Sharon Vermont. We got an awesome tour of Harvard via Jeremy Bylund and visited my cousins Reed, Doris, and Olivia.

I found some writings in the sand.
A foundation of Joseph Smith grandparents' home.

The Atlantic Ocean (I'm pointing at it in the picture)

Paul Revere's grave site found on the freedom trail
Joseph Smith's Birthplace monument. Standing in the picture (left to right) Paul, Cami, Natalie, Christopher, and Jeremy.
We received the special tour and drove the golf cart in Sharon, VT.
We found a large macaroni on the freedom trail. Kind of strange that this macaroni thing has been here since the 18th century.
More freedom trail shenanigans.
Christopher Bylund running around keeping his parents busy at the burial site.
Boston Red Sox game. Can you tell we've been traveling all day?
Big Papi hitting a home-run.

Tim McGraw

Cami and I went to the Tim McGraw Concert when he was in town this past August. This was Cami's first concert. We had really close seats (see pictures below)! :)

Hotel Pool

One morning Cami and I decided to swim at the hotel pool on our trip to Las Vegas. It was early in the morning and the hotel was shading the pool. I jumped in first. Cami was about to dip her toes in the water to test the temperature. I somehow talked her out of it and said "All or nothing". She plugged her nose and jumped in. She almost swallowed a gallon of water gasping for air as the water temperature shocked her before she could get her head out of the water. We had a great laugh about how I tricked her into jumping in the water.

Las Vegas Trip: July 2009

Well. It's been some time since we've posted. We meant to post about our trip to Las Vegas but we postponed blogging about it until now.

We had a week off of work around the 4th of July. We decided to go down to Vegas and St. George. Our major thrills we had to do while down there was see Tarzan at Tuacahn; Blue Man Group in Vegas; and of course, shopping at the outlet malls. We also saw the Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur. I still yell out "Haazaa" where Cami then has to repeat. Great Times.

Pictures at Blue Man Group-

Picture of us at Tuacahn; waiting for the show to start.