Sunday, December 5, 2010

BYU/Utah Football Game-The Aftermath

November 27, 2010.

Sarah, Craig, Christopher, Gary, and Raquel visited us to watch the BYU vs. Utah Football game. Shortly after the game was over Christopher woke up from his nap.

Christopher jumped on Paul's lap and started singing songs as it was part of his master plan to ruin the rest of Paul's afternoon. Paul had mentioned to me that Christopher was giving him the "bug-eye" which Paul mistakenly took as a sleepy look before Christopher took his nap.

Paul thought it was all fun and games with Christopher on his lap singing songs, and then suddenly Paul said to the rest of the group, "He feels really warm on his backside!" Paul looked down on his lap and saw a big wet spot. Christopher did the most unimaginable thing- He peed on his favorite uncle.

We all a good laugh at Paul's expense especially because the BYU vs. Utah game didn't turn out as it should have.

Thanks Christopher for the laughs!

- Harley

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