Monday, October 17, 2011

Letter to Scott


This is your cousin, Paul. I wish I was as good as John in writing letters on a consistent basis, but I'm not, so you have to just live with a message every now and then. Cami and I visited your family in She-attle. We had a great time. We saw Pike's Place, the wall of gum, the Mariners beat the Rangers (Rangers are now going to the World Series), and we were able to make it to that one guy's mission farewell. I told him since he visited my parents that I was up there to hear him speak in church.

Cami and I have a good chance in adopting twins by the end of the year...I have learned of a thing called the, "nesting stage". This is not a good thing, but apparently every women goes through it. I have had an increase of chores around the house. Chores that Cami and I have been putting off ever since we moved here 3 years ago. It's just terrible. We actually cleaned the window tracks. How does that help the babies? I don't know but it's a necessary evil, apparently.

Lacrosse team is doing well. The JV players from last year are stepping up their games...It appears they did do some work over the summer, and are continuing their off-practice work this fall. We played 6 games this fall, and I have seen great improvement in those 6 games. We've only held practice 1x week this fall, but the players that have been around are starting to get what we're talking about. We're trying to put together a recognition program for this blackout period so the players will still work on the wall. We have 26 freshman signed up this fall and more will sign up in the spring. AF Lacrosse is moving in the right direction. Thanks again for your efforts.

Cami says, "Hey Dude". Cami says he misses you as our "faux child" and wishes you could still be around watching our TV late at night while Cami and I fall asleep trying to stay up and hang out with you.
Time to go to work. TTYL
Paul and Cami


Brigham said...
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Kari said...

You made me miss Scott terribly! It's good hearing about you guys too. Maybe you'd better start writing me letter so I can keep up with what's going on :)

Vickie And Monte said...

I think I'm gonna be awake all night because of this post....I'll be up giggling. You guys are so funny!! Yes it is true, nesting is a real thing. Those clean tracts will keep the twins from eating some unknown dangerous bacteria some day.

Paul said...

@Vickie- Bacteria is good for kids. I'm surprised you didn't know that. Without bacteria we wouldn't be able to digest food properly.

@Kari- We've kept things on the DL as this is new to many people. We finally feel more comfortable about talking about it...Well, we are starting to feel comfortable about it.

Kenny, Brittani, and Shiloh said...

Wow I didn't know you would feel uncomfortable talking about lacrosse. Things I never knew .... :)

Gary Hutton said...

Nesting. Raquel is standing on the kitchen counter cleaning the top of the cupboards. Later she will be stripping the floor. Earlier we placed a new wax ring under the toilet in the front bathroom.

I thought I was done with all of this nesting also.

But you should know that the whole family is excited about the possibility of twin boys.

Keep up the good work and keep smiling.

Becca said...

you should have seen dad's face as he told mom and i his comment on this blog. He looked positively bashful, he was holding his tongue in check and you could see a thought bubble above his head saying, "nesting??" It was so cute.
Mom also said to me, "I stripped the floor, and scrubbed the cupboards, but i'm not going to worry about the insides of the cupboards, BUT the tops of the cupboards Need to be done."
Also so cute.