About Us

About Us- Cami and Paul both grew up in Utah, more specifically the U.C. (Utah County). The attended the same high school, but only knew of each other. Cami and Paul met again a few years later at a friend's house after Paul returned home from his LDS mission in the Philippines. 
Our first date Cami took Paul out (Paul was a typical financially-broke returned missionary) and 8 months later we married in the fall of 2003 in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.  Paul attended BYU and Cami became the sugar momma to put him through school.

Some of the things we enjoy doing...
We love biking. It's our new sport. In February we purchased some road bikes and have been able to get active together this way.  We love to go out together and see how far we can go or what hills we can climb.  This has allowed us to set some health related goals together and get away from the television a little bit.

We try to go 3-4 times a week in the mornings. We even went down to St. George in April to start riding and not freeze because of the cold spring weather we had.

We love going to the movies.  If we have downtime on the weekends you can find us at the dollar theater or at a new release.

We also really enjoy traveling.  We have been able to go some fun places lately.  Some of the places that we have been in the last year include: Las Vegas, Boston, and Yosemite.  We usually go down to St. George to a Tuacahn outdoor theater play every year. We are planning a trip to Seattle to visit some friends and family this fall.

Paul and Cami are currently hoping to adopt. We are working with LDS Family Services and waiting for a birthmother place with us.  We are excited to expand our family and have been able to get more involved in the adoption world.  This has been something that has truly broadened our perspective of eternal families. We are excited to be parents and see what this next chapter will bring.

About Cami-

Cami is a family girl.  She loves to hang out with her husband!  She also loves to hang out with her siblings. Cami works for Adobe in the AR department.  The company is really great!!!  Cami really enjoys road biking and it has become a new hobby for her and Paul to do together! Cami loves to go on trips to new places with Paul.  They have been to a few new places in the past years.

Cami enjoys going to movies and is trying to get into reading. She also really loves to craft (things like hair flowers, picture frames, etc.).  Cami loves the occasional girls night out too! She also loves to go camping and enjoy the outdoors :)

About Paul-

Paul coaches Lacrosse at a local High School. He is currently the head coach and loves to be a part of a on-the-rise program. He works for a great company, Adobe, where he has the opportunity to work with great people and good friends. Paul recently started fishing again after a two year break. Maybe next time he'll use some breakfast sausage to catch a fish like it brother-in-law did fishing Payson Lakes in mid-August.

Paul is LDS; served a 2-year mission in the Philippines, and speaks Tagalog. He attended Brigham Young University where he played lacrosse for 2-years. Paul is from the UC (Utah County). He enjoys making others laugh. He enjoys blogging from time-to-time, where he hopes you catch his subtle humor!