Monday, July 2, 2012

Meeting with Judge McVey

It all started with the boys wanting to see the inside of a courtroom. We were hesitant at first because it took me 20 something years before I ever stepped in a courtroom. And no, I didn't step into a courtroom because I was in trouble with the law. I took a law class at BYU and one of the requirements was to visit the court office. The boys didn't think they should wait the 20 years it took me so Cami and I happily relinquished.  

June 18, 2012 at 11:15 am was the date and time that the court set for us to meet the judge. Crew asked that we dress him in flashy clothes since he couldn't do his hair like Ben. We invited a small group to join us at the courthouse. Our real big day was the Saturday following their court appearance where we would go to the temple and be sealed as a family for time and all eternity. The boys were nervous but we calmed them down. We let them scream out or make any noise they wanted while in Judge McVey's courtroom. Crew sat  on my lap and bounced up and down like he always does and made funny baby noises while our attorney, Paul MacArthur asked Cami, myself, and our caseworker Adrienne the standard questions to testify under oath. We had to testify that we felt we were fit to adopt and legally become the parents of these two awesome and good-looking boys. 

The only question that Judge McVey asked was if they were twins because he noticed Crew didn't have as much hair as Ben. Our attorney prepared us well and we passed the test because now Ben and Crew are legally our boys! 

Now our boys know what the inside of a courtroom looks like and we have the pictures to prove it.

 We didn't even have to ask the boys to smile. They were happy all on their own because they knew what was going on. 
It was great to have a few family members there sharing this experience with us.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kicking and Screaming

I know what a few of you are saying because I've said it to myself, "It's about time you post again." Well, I hope I'm back. I hope I've figured out my life with all the changes in the past few months. There have been quite a few.
The last time I posted the boys were not even born. What a ride Cami and I have been through these past few months. The boys were born; I left for Sales Conference 5 days later; Christmas break; the worst stomach flu in years; back to work; the craziest quarter for work; lacrosse season overlapping from Q1 to Q2; the wins and losses of the season; the funeral in California; the boys forcing us to buy a new car; the trip to California and meeting family from Nana's side; the business trip back to CA only hours from returning from CA; the end of season for lacrosse and the end of coaching for some time; the green car breaking and me starting to commute work on my bike; and now we're approaching Memorial Day and going to spend it with the Yerke's.

My only guess from Cami's perspective is that I was gone too much. I've learned that I don't want to be gone that much. I resigned from coaching after the season so I can spend more time with Cami and the boys. We purchased a bike trailer so we can go on bike rides and take the boys. Our first real adventure will be tomorrow on the bikes in Stansbury Park. We're looking forward to a day full of biking.

We're also looking forward the four straight weeks I have off starting the 3rd full week in June. We'll kick the week off by finalizing the adoption with the judge, and later that week we'll go to the temple to be sealed together as a family! Cami and I will cap the entire 4-week vacation with a cruise to Alaska. Only three more weeks to go...

The boys have grown so much. They've persuaded Cami and I to buy a new car. They've told us they don't like to drink just plain milk formula. They want soy. They like rice cereal, for whatever reason, I don't know why. That stuff stinks. They like to roll around in their beds and get their arms and legs caught in between the slats. They like to laugh; cry, poop, pee, eat, and sleep. They don't care for pacifiers but like their fingers, and sometimes their whole hand. The can't fall asleep without a blanket to cuddle, and they're letting us know little by little that we need to start baby-proofing our house.

Stay tuned for more pictures and stories from the Hutton home. This summer is going to be great as the boys start crawling, as the days get longer, as we get into our spandex and start riding!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Odds and Ends

I borrowed Scott's bike rack in April. Cami and I used it in our trip down to St. George. For months the bike rack was used in our front room to help create a barrier between our Cedar chest and our box of shoes. It was a momentous occasion when I finally returned the bike rack to it's rightful owner and took this picture. I sent this picture to literally thousands...if not hundreds of people to celebrate the return of the bike rack. I apologize if you were not one of the "hundreds" that received this picture which represents the completion of the lender-borrower contract. 
Bryce, Monte, and I were able to go fishing a few times this fall. I'm hoping to find a few weeks this winter to go freeze out on the Provo River with Bryce. I finally caught my first fish. I didn't have my phone with me at the time so I couldn't take a picture, but what's the fun in a fish story if there is a picture... The picture below is of Bryce holding a 14" rainbow trout that he caught about 1/2 hour after I caught a 12" brown trout. We took this picture because #1 I had my phone with me, and #2 we don't see too many rainbow in the Provo; mostly brown. It was good to catch my first fish using a fly rod and reel.
A few days after I caught my fish I was able to go to the Radio from Hell show with my cousin, Aaron. The X96 program wanted to hear of my fishing expedition. Okay, not really... I went up with Aaron because he is a BFOP (Best Friend Of the Program). It was cool to see how they interact during their show and how everything works. Thanks for the once-in-a-lifetime experience, Aaron.

Last Saturday Bryce and Kristy Russell invited us to a dinner to help Camp Kesem raise funds for their summer-time activities. This event was held at the Wilkinson Center on BYU campus. After we ate, and enjoyed the silent auction we went downstairs to the BYU bowling alley. Bowling hasn't been the same since my mission. I just can't get the spin figured out anymore. I spin the ball way too much and ends up in the left-side gutter most of the night. Here are our scores for one of our games. After a few frames I stopped trying to get strikes, but tried only to get 5s and 7s. It makes for a much more interesting night.

Adobe Christmas Party

Cami and I celebrated being single last Friday at the Orem Adobe Christmas Party. Mr. T, Doc Brown, Marty McFly, Flashback Heart Attack, and probably break dancers from the 80s showed up in and celebrated Adobe style at our company Christmas party. Doc Brown and Marty McFly weren't really there the help celebrate,  but you can imagine if they were...Mr. T loved my double-collar look. I'd like to thank Cami for going to DI and getting some sweet pants, a sick belt, and two collared shirts that made me look so awesome.

Someone did bring the Dolerean time machine.Good thing I was only just a child 80s because I wouldn't have fit in them. Cars in the 80s didn't fit tall freaks like me.
Cami was telling me when she was getting ready for our big party she wishes she could dress like this everyday. What you can't see in this great picture is her leg warmers and stirrup pants. Typically when Cami and I are just lounging around at home and we know we're not going anyway we pull out the stirrup pants and leg warmers... and the snuggie.

I typically stick to wearing one polo. Sometimes when I feel like I didn't get a hard enough workout at the gym I wear two shirts like this at home to sweat more, or when I'm going to an 80s-themed Adobe Christmas party.

Thanks Adobe for the good times at the Orem office Christmas Party.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Strawberry Vomit

Last month Cami talked me into visiting the dentist. I have to admit it had been a while since the last visit so I have some interesting things to note before, during, and after my visits (yes visits) to the dentist.

After my initial visit they scheduled two additional visits. During the exam they found three small cavities, and did a gum test.  The dentist office is in the same parking lot as Dickey's BBQ so as I left the dentist office I saw a red truck parked on the drive-thru with the front end in the building. I've heard from others that Dickie's is good, and others say Dickie's is terrible. This person appeared they wanted their food bad.

The red truck in the background didn't want to wait in line at the drive-thru.

A day after the accident.

Strawberry Vomit
After my visit of fixing cavities, numbing half my face on two consecutive days, polishing my teeth with tasty strawberry-flavored the dental assistant prescribed me some medicine to help clean my gums and bacteria from the work they did in my mouth.

One would think if the dentist can have strawberry and bubble-gum-flavored junk in their office to help with the health of one's teeth they could prescribe mouthwash medicine outside their office that tasted better than vomit.

I promise to take care of my teeth better now so I don't have to have the nasty strawberry vomit mouthwash prescribed again.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Letter to Scott


This is your cousin, Paul. I wish I was as good as John in writing letters on a consistent basis, but I'm not, so you have to just live with a message every now and then. Cami and I visited your family in She-attle. We had a great time. We saw Pike's Place, the wall of gum, the Mariners beat the Rangers (Rangers are now going to the World Series), and we were able to make it to that one guy's mission farewell. I told him since he visited my parents that I was up there to hear him speak in church.

Cami and I have a good chance in adopting twins by the end of the year...I have learned of a thing called the, "nesting stage". This is not a good thing, but apparently every women goes through it. I have had an increase of chores around the house. Chores that Cami and I have been putting off ever since we moved here 3 years ago. It's just terrible. We actually cleaned the window tracks. How does that help the babies? I don't know but it's a necessary evil, apparently.

Lacrosse team is doing well. The JV players from last year are stepping up their games...It appears they did do some work over the summer, and are continuing their off-practice work this fall. We played 6 games this fall, and I have seen great improvement in those 6 games. We've only held practice 1x week this fall, but the players that have been around are starting to get what we're talking about. We're trying to put together a recognition program for this blackout period so the players will still work on the wall. We have 26 freshman signed up this fall and more will sign up in the spring. AF Lacrosse is moving in the right direction. Thanks again for your efforts.

Cami says, "Hey Dude". Cami says he misses you as our "faux child" and wishes you could still be around watching our TV late at night while Cami and I fall asleep trying to stay up and hang out with you.
Time to go to work. TTYL
Paul and Cami

Seattle - Pronounced She-at-tle

Cami and I visited Seattle this past September during our yearly September get-a-way.

Our main reason for traveling to Washington was to see my cousins and our new friend Hayley. We found her with her daughter at the Mariners/Rangers game. Thanks to Uncle Nils and I for planning the weather on that Friday night: we called for normal Seattle weather, overcast with a chance of rain. The weather was great. The company was great; and, we saw the Mariners win!

 Earlier on Friday we visited downtown Seattle. We drove to Bellevue and saw the temple; the church where Uncle Nils took naps under his desk; held our breath the entire drive through the tunnel on Mercer Island; saw the Space Needle on a drive-by; and walked around Pike's Market. We got to sit on the the brass pig at Pike's Market. Pike's Pig is still accepting donations...
Paul and Cami sitting on Pike's Pig. This is the corner of the market where workers throw fish back and forth.
 We were amazed at the sight of the bouquets of flowers. These gigantic bouquets were going for $5-$10 each.
 Just below Pike's Place is the land of Gum. One day when we have a chance to go back we'll have to do a tour of the Underground Seattle. Can you believe Cami bet me $100 to lick the wall? And I did!

My cousin prayed that it would rain on Saturday so she could go to her friends birthday party. She got her wish. So we spent that Saturday jamming to Rock Band, playing dance games on the Wii, and watching the BYU/Utah game. (The BYU/Utah score was not too fun). Kenny decided to wear a red shirt underneath his hoodie, and reveal his red shirt to his mother about halfway through the game. But I guess we wore out Kenny too much during our jam-out session earlier that day, because he took familiar sleeping position while watching the BYU game. He never was able to make his mom mad by wearing red that day!

We had a great time keeping up my cousins late at night; visiting downtown Seattle, and meeting Hayley.

Thanks for the memories.