Sunday, December 5, 2010

Adobe Halloween

This year I was able to participate in Adobe's Halloween celebration. This is a really big deal here in the Utah office. Each department takes more than a week decorating their designated area. We get more than $1000.00 per area to decorate and most everyone dresses up. For the 28th and 29th there was no work done. We just decorated and participated in activities put on by the company.

My area was decorated like Shrek's forest. It was really neat. I rented my costume from the Hale Center theater. I was the Narcotic Sleeping Beauty. It was such a blast. We were able to have some of our family members come through. There were a few thousand people that came through.

This is Farquad torturing the Gingerbread Man.

These are my gal pals Kathy and Kelly

A picture of me, Kathy, Kirsten, Jessica, and Kelly in the front.
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Dyalfamily said...

That sounds like the best halloween party. we miss you guys!

Brittani said...

ummmm.... I think you meant the NARCOLEPTIC sleeping beauty, not the NARCOTIC sleeping beauty...although both are funny:)