Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boston Baby!

Cami and I traveled to Boston Sept 2010. Places and things we did: Boston Red Sox game, Cape Cod and the Atlantic Ocean, the Freedom trail, and Joseph Smith's birth place in Sharon Vermont. We got an awesome tour of Harvard via Jeremy Bylund and visited my cousins Reed, Doris, and Olivia.

I found some writings in the sand.
A foundation of Joseph Smith grandparents' home.

The Atlantic Ocean (I'm pointing at it in the picture)

Paul Revere's grave site found on the freedom trail
Joseph Smith's Birthplace monument. Standing in the picture (left to right) Paul, Cami, Natalie, Christopher, and Jeremy.
We received the special tour and drove the golf cart in Sharon, VT.
We found a large macaroni on the freedom trail. Kind of strange that this macaroni thing has been here since the 18th century.
More freedom trail shenanigans.
Christopher Bylund running around keeping his parents busy at the burial site.
Boston Red Sox game. Can you tell we've been traveling all day?
Big Papi hitting a home-run.


Shayla said...

I love it. I was just at a lot of those places too. I went at the beginning of September. I got a picture with the mac and cheese noodle and I was actually part of the street show in Quincey Square by the big noodle. It seems as though we just missed each other. I am glad you guys had fun!!

syerke said...

What do you think the writing in the sand means?

Gary Hutton said...

Macroni, I know why this is important. Do you know who wrote Yankee Doodle?