Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rat Dog

Harley got groomed last week. It was a little sad. Paul and I always know that when he gets his summer shaving that he will look like a rat, but this time we just had to giggle. His nick name when he gets groomed is "Rat Dog."


The after is silly because he looks like he has a cowboy mustache and the groomer left the hair on the ears long. Harley always looks like a different dog when he gets groomed and my siblings don't want to walk him because they think he is so hideous. I still love him because he is my dog and I guess it is something similar to a mom because I always think he is cute.


There he is our super "Rat Dog."


Brigham, Kari, & Lydia said...

Hahahaha! That is super funny! Great pictures!

Glenn Makechnie said...

Loos like a totally different pooch.