Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our House

We wanted to start this blog by showing off our new house. We purchased a townhome in Sept. of 2008. In addition to buying the house we were able to bring Harley home, too.

This is our family room where we play catch, and tackle football.

This is our kitchen where Harley stares at us while we're making food.
This is the master bedroom. Harley is still learning to only get on the bed when we tell him he can.
This is our office. Hidden in this picture is our computer which helps me create this wonderful blog.
This is our second bedroom. Whenever we get a kid, we'll let 'em shack up in this room. Until then, we'll make it our indoor workshop (indoor workshop sounds better than a "craft room")
This is our way to keep Harley upstairs when we're upstairs. He tends to wander off so we like to keep him in "doggie prision".

For all you dog lovers out there, it's not really a dog prison. (It's a gate at the top of the stairs.)


Paul said...

No animals were hurt in the making of this blog.

Isn't Harley so photogenic?

He did a great job sitting there while we took this pictures.

After the photo shoot, Harley mentioned, "that this is going to be the best blog ever", because he is pictured in this blog.

Jeremy and Natalie said...

The only comment on your blog was written by you??? Interesting. Why aren't we listed under your family and friends who have blogs???

The Petersons said...

Where is your new townhome? I haven't talked to you in forever!!!

Becca said...

yes harley is very photogenic, i was going to mention that but you got to it first.

Gary Hutton said...

You may want to say 'child' instead of 'kid'.


Paul said...

I'm not against goats!

syerke said...

Hey Bro, nice house! I did not know you had a's a good thing you talk to John and they put you as family on thier blog. Or maybe I could call you more often...

Did you make Harley pose in each picture? Or was he trying to steal the show?

Vickie said...

Hey Kids!
Your blog page is soo soo cool! It is scrapbook-ee! I am so proud!
Harley is ever so cute!

I think I can actually figure out how to do this comment thing.