Sunday, October 12, 2008

Road Trip

Jeremy Bylund and I drove across the country in 28 hours in August. Here are some pictures along the way. We left Wednesday, August 13 @ 1 pm from Salt Lake City. We arrived in Charlottesville, VA Friday around 2 pm EST. Saturday morning we drove up to DC and hung out with Jeremy's friend in the nation's capital.

After driving almost 12 straight hours through the beautiful states of Wyoming and Nebraska we stayed with our friends, the Johnson's. David and Brandi adopted a new little jammer, Henry, not too long ago. Thanks to David and Brandi we had a good nights rest and delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast. This is Jeremy Bylund. Doesn't he look happy at the overlook to the Shenandoah Valley?
Just in case you wanted to know, I'm pointing at the Shenandoah Valley where many battles where fought during the Civil War.
I told Jeremy if I was going to help him move across the country we had to go to a MLB game. Granted, it was the Nationals. But their ballpark was nice! Mark me down for my 3rd MLB game and my 3rd MLB ballpark. The other two were St. Louis and Kansas City.
When we were in DC we stayed with Jeremy's friends. We didn't get to see much of DC because we didn't have much time, but we quickly walked through the Air and Space Museum. We got around using the Metro, which was pretty fun, considering we had a guide, in Jeremy's friend, to help us get around.

Somehow with all the traveling and moving we did, Jeremy and I still saw Michael Phelps win a few gold medals. Thursday night we stayed in Morehead, KY (an hour east of Lexington KY) with Jeremy's Uncle and Aunt. There we watched Michael Phelps extraordinarily win a race.

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Trista said...

It's been forever Huttons. Glad to see your doing well and loving your new house.