Sunday, November 2, 2008

Driving me Crazy

For the entire month of October, day and night we've had the joy of listening to this wonderful Halloween music. Here is a sample for you all to listen to.

Our house is situated in a townhome development, but the backyard of our house touches a semi-busy road. Across the street, nonetheless, is this outside Halloween decoration that plays music. The owners never turned it off.

As I sit here in my office, typing away on this wonderful blog, I can hear cars passing by. Last month, I also could hear the sounds of the wonderful Halloween decoration. Now that I haven't heard it for two days, I kind of miss it.

I wish I had Dorothy's red sparkly shoes, so I could tap them together and go back home. We moved in at the end of September, so the majority of the time we've lived here we have heard the sounds of this melodious decoration. It was home! We don't know anything different.

Does anybody know how to get that awful twitch out of your neck???


Jessi Padilla said...

Welcome to the ward guys!

Vickie said...

I think I would secretly shoot it

syerke said...

Ah, the twitch. Whenever I get the twitch, I blame whomever is behind me. I exasperadetly ask, "Why did you just hit me? That wasn't very nice. I'd appreciate it if you'd stop hitting my neck."
That usually gets the twitch to go away. Try it, you'll like it!