Sunday, June 19, 2011

Strawberries n' Creme

Here is a cute picture of Paul and I as we are waiting for the Rodeo to start. There were some really fun things to watch. We were able to watch the little jammers do mutton busting. You have to be a hard core cowboy if you are going to put your little kid on a sheep and let them get bucked off. I would have a difficult time letting my kid go through that punishment.

We met Brittani, Kenny, Bryce, Kristy, and the Glauser family at the rodeo and had a great time just spending time with them laughing and watching all of the different events.

Bryce is really good at making us all laugh. He can't ever keep a straight face for the camera.
One of the really funny events is to watch was the "cash cow." I had never seen this before and didn't know where the term came from, but now I know. :) They sent all of the kids out to chase two cows with cash taped to them. It was really funny to watch.

After the cash cow and mutton riding events are over the "big" events started. I haven't been to a rodeo for years and forgot how amazing these guys riding these bucking broncos are!!
Brittani and I did feel bad when the cowboys would tie up the calves and the little cows would just sit there. Paul rolled his eyes and would tell us that they were just fine.

About once I year I crave strawberries n' creme. Luckily there is a rodeo nearby our house where they serve strawberries n' creme.
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