Sunday, June 19, 2011

Freedom Cows

I looked at these cows and they looked back at me. I couldn't tell if they were looking at me because I was wearing my bike gear or if they were looking at me because I was simply looking at them and they are a curious animal by nature...

It had been over three weeks since I played in the Timpanogos HS Alumni game and sprained my MCL. One of my teammates decided to push one of the opposing players into my knee. I could tell it was sprained immediately from my vast experience in spraining and breaking other parts of my body. This was first time I sprained my MCL.

Cami and I planned to go to Arches National Park early in June, but we had to postpone this trip because my knee was not ready. We've tentatively re-scheduled for some time this fall after it's cooled down a bit. Moab is such a hot place we want to make sure we enjoy hiking there.

I've tried swimming again but my strength is not strong enough in the knee to do real swimming (just pretend swimming). I hobbled around in Cash Valley on one good knee during Cami's Red Riding Hood bike ride.

Finally my knee felt good enough to ride my bike in mid-June. My plan was to ride to squaw peak from my house. A fine feat for a beginner biker especially after almost a month of not riding. I made my way through Pleasant Grove, Lindon, Orem and Provo Canyon. I missed my road to turn off from the Provo River Park Trail. So I kept going on the trail. As I approached the South Fork Park I was passed by 5 real road bikers all dressed in the same gear. I couldn't help but admire how fast and smooth they were on their bikes. Someday I thought, someday.... I saw them head up South Fork Canyon so I decided to follow.

My knee was starting to ache and it was dictating how far I traveled that fine Saturday morning. But because I made it this far I knew my knee could handle the wear and tear, even though it's still sore. I was free again from the pains of my knee, at least to ride my bike again and visit cows in South Fork. I take a deep breath of clean mountain air and think, "Freedom".
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Gary Hutton said...

Apparently we were always noisy when we were young. I do not remember if we were too noisy. But dad would tell us that we could not talk until we saw a purple cow. This kept us busy looking out the window to see if we could see a purple cow.

You know how you can ride through the mountains and the hills go up and down the side of the car. Well there I was looking out the window for purple cows, and I saw one. Just at that moment the hill came up and destroyed the view. I remember the exact spot it happened.

Honest I saw a purple cow.