Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adoption Walk

In May FSA (Families Supporting Adoption) put on an Adoption Walk. This was to celebrate all of the birth mothers that have placed their babies with adoptive couples.

The day in May that the walk is held on is birth mothers day. Paul's parents came out to support us and it was a great time that we could show our support for all of the wonderful birthparents out there and for their sacrifices.

The fire department came for the little kids and showed off their fire trucks. They blew their horns and the kids got to sit in the truck. It was cute.

Everyone who was there to participate received a balloon and walked around the track at Provo high school.

After we walked around the track everyone who was there participating met in the middle and we let our balloons go to represent our unity as adoptive couples and birthparents. It was neat!

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