Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cool Looks!

Paul doesn't care for his picture to be taken often except when there are props.

Paul is showing off his new Christmas gloves. Those are some nice gloves.
We were walking around Walmart one night when we stopped to check out the nice jewelry. We found some cute glasses and a rainbow bracelet that reminded us of our trip to Cape Cod in the fall of 2010. Paul had to try them on. Paul sure does look good in these.
Paul and Cami went Christmas shopping at the Recreation Outlet in American Fork. When you go shopping for clothes you typically try them on first to make sure they fit and they look good. I made sure I looked good in this sleeping bag before I purchased it!
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Becca said...

paul looks so orange in the sleeping bag picture. has he been eating a lot of carrots? it is just so different from his usual pink